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Elevating textbook experiences through real-time interactive simulation, guided by AI.

Transport users into a 3D world of discovery and exploration with AI

Our goal? Crafting extraordinary experiences using cutting-edge software frameworks tailored for physics simulations, graphics rendering, XR, and the magic of AI, all to enhance textbook experiences.

But wait, there's more! We're also masters of crafting interactive applications with real-time graphics—think stunning marketing demos, breathtaking architectural visualizations, immersive training simulations, and dynamic modeling environments. Ready to redefine learning and engagement?

From the Basic

Arithmetic for pre-school

Example: Number Combination of 6 for pre-school.

Example below utilize scroll to move the balls for illustration purpose.

6 + 0

= 6

Illustration of possible utilization
3D physics, Draggable, Increase of number, Switch Items, Changing of Operation and more


x2 + y2 = ?

Example: Speed ratio of gear

Example below utilize scroll to move the gears for illustration purpose.

speed 1 * teeth 1 = speed 2 * teeth 2

Svg Vector Icons : Gear 2 (8 teeth) Gear 1 (12 teeth)

speed 1 * 12 = speed 2 * 8

Speed 1 = 0
Speed 2 = 0

Illustration of possible utilization
3D physics, Draggable, Quantity of gears, Switching size of gear, reverse and more

Computer Science

Programming Basics

Example: ON/OFF(binary) and IF/Else

Example below utilize checkbox input to darken the website for illustration purpose.

Website Light Switch

Touch / Click above

If Touch / Click If switch is on Yes Light ON No Light OFF Next code / End

Light is ON

Illustration of possible utilization
Draggable, Switching order of code block, changing of events or triggers and more


Example: Magnus effect simulations

Example below utilize touch screen input to apply force on a ball for illustration purpose.

Illustration of possible utilization
Force Control: Users can decide how hard and in which direction they want to kick the ball. This determines its speed and path.
Rotation Adjustment: Users can also make the ball spin in different ways. This spin affects how it moves and behaves when it touches other things.

to Astronomy,
and more

Grid Space: Simplified Simulations for Cosmic Exploration

Example below utilize touch screen input to move in 3D space for illustration purpose.

Illustration of possible utilization
A method of modeling spacetime using a grid-based approach. In physics, spacetime is a concept that combines three dimensions of space with one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional continuum

Simplified learning

From 2D to 3D, from AR/VR to Extended reality (XR).

Igniting curiosity: Fueling Tomorrow's Innovators

"Embrace curiosity and never stop exploring. The path of learning is infinite, and each step forward is a triumph."

- ChatGPT

Let's make learning an adventure! Dive into immersive simulations and virtual reality experiences that bring your studies to life. From exploring ancient civilizations to mastering complex scientific concepts, get ready for an educational journey like never before!

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