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Can my website designed to be found on Google?

The basic idea of ​​website optimization is to make the best of a content presentation and user-friendliness through the key elements such as website function, website structure, web page layout and most importantly it's content. Search engines are developed in such a way that they devoted to guarantee their users are landed on the right website while accessing information that is searched through them. Imagine you search for an apple but given a site describing an orange instead? Or a website with great information on apple but you can't read it because the text was too small to read or out of contrast.

Website Architecture

Where to find your information

Website structure should make sense to both search engines and human. Good website structure, simple and clear navigation structure can further improve the conversion rate of potential customers, ensure that users can easily find the information they need, whether it is product, service, introduction, or find contact information.

Domain Name

Search engine recognize domain name

Good Website increase domain name's credibility over time. It increase users' awareness and ranking of websites, pay attention to domain age, expiration time, and keywords associated with that domain.

Website url

Simple but relevant

The static structure of the url has a great influence on the inclusion and ranking of the website. The shorter the url length, the better, is conducive to spider crawling and inclusion. The shallower the directory level, the closer to the root domain name, the more the url weight is increased. But this is not always correct, for example,,, or It comes down to how the website are organised and how users are able navigate website with ease.

Website meta description

Think of it as summary of your whole page

The potential index keywords in the Meta tag of the web page help Google identify synonyms and also serve as page relevance signals. The meta description should be written as a summary to that page and should be kept relevant too, as it is most likely to be displayed on snippet below title of search engine. Users often leave a website immediately after clicking when the description is misleading.

Content and News

We go internet for a reason

Content articles generally contain more keywords, which is more advantageous than short and succinct articles. Search engine algorithm takes time-sensitive search very seriously and often show update time of the webpage to users.


Visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.

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