Budget and Cost to develop a website in Sarawak

How much is your web design package?

How much do a regular corporate website cost and how much should you spend on it? In this article, we break down the costof web design and development to a few sections so it could be easier understood.

The Server

Where websites are served 24-7

Virtual host is the cheapest server option, from a few hundred ringgit to thousands of ringgit, there are also so-called cloud hosting, a variety of these which differences mainly in space size, ram allocation, CPU occupancy, bandwidth usage, database support, and more. The traffic in the early stage of any new site is usually quite minimal, so virtual host with normal to small capability is basically sufficient for most company websites to start. Some website (cloud application) might need greater server to kickoff. And modern day virtual host can be scaled to a greater ram, CPU and size almost immediately as your site grows.

Domain Name

.com or .com.my

still relatively cheap, you can buy the most popular dot com at only less than 50 ringgit a year, where com.my is around 80 at the time of writing. The price of domain hasn't seen to increase too much since 7 years ago when we started.

Website system

The framework or content management system

This is the most tricky part of all, from a few hundreds to hundreds of thousands and of course there are some biggest companies out there paying large sum of money for their own web development team. The cheapest way to start, of course by using some open source programs such as WordPress to develop, basically you can start uploading images and fill in the contents after we set up the database and templates. The cost of custom made web development will generally be higher, as it required professional understanding of web architecture and coding logic while making them specific to your business.


Collection of content, images & user

Generally mysql. Most are coupled in a bundle with the server configuration, while in some cases, it will be needed to be installed separately and manually (unmanaged server).

Website Content

We go to the internet for a reason

After we are done with all from the above, here comes the most time consuming part of web design. The time spent to follow-up on website editing and artwork is enormous, such as the company's products, services, materials, promotional articles and other content to be uploaded to the website. However these are the most important aspect of any website as users go to the internet for a reason, the information: your contents. Most web designers spent more than 70% of their time in collecting materials, communicating and tuning to customer preferences.


As you can see, it's possible to setup a website with a VPS server, domain and template with a budget within RM 2,000, while maintaining contents on your own. We have help many customers setting up websites and providing employees training and 24 hours server support. Full service would cost from RM 3,500 to RM 4,500 depending on sizes and scale of the project.

The cost of designing a custom and unique website/e-commerce with rich content is about RM 5,000 to RM 15,000 where the services are mostly demanded by corporate with own specific identity and brand in mind.
Large portals and e-commerce platform customization comes from around ten thousands to hundreds of thousands.
In the next article, we are going to ponder on website marketing, Google ads and search engine optimization.

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