The Web Development on Mazda Dealer in Sarawak & Sabah

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Client: Maxspeed Automart Sdn Bhd
Year: 2017
Type: Corporate Identity

Mazda isn’t just a brand in automotive: it’s an innovative icon. It's one of the most recognizable brands in Malaysia, Maxspeed Automart has been the envy of the industry for 10 years and counting. Whether performing outstanding after sales, doing tough maintenance work, or keeping wheels running, Maxspeed Automart is the 3s (sales service spare parts) center, one stop automotive center for the job.

MicroWeb worked with Maxspeed to create a user-focused website that showcased the company’s achievements in both technology and capability while maintaining the brand’s corporate identity and it's design.

The Background

Mazda's auto attract legions of fans, but the secret to the brand’s long-term success is innovation. It's design and technology continue to revolutionize the automotive industry, but the existing website didn’t communicate that.

The new site needed to embody the brand’s rich heritage, speak to the concerns of buyers and owner-operators, and makes it easy to find a dealer – all while providing the same superior performance as a Mazda. We were required to imitate the CI, at the same time getting the site designed and developed according to local preferences.

The Approach

Leveraging our team’s capability, which focused on custom built design & development, Our lead designer, Teng delivered Maxspeed's digital experience on time, creating a memorable user experience that paid tribute to the brand’s history, products, and mission.

Shaping Value Proposition

Mazda is built on Innovation and technology. Thus, our strategy and content teams worked with Maxspeed to apply the brand identity, collaborating on value propositions and messaging direction that captured the uniqueness of Mazda, which in turn helped shape the site navigation.

Powerful First Impressions

Our design team made full use of the brand’s digital assets throughout the site, adding eye-catching image, Mazda corporate font type and striking custom iconography. We lavished extra attention on the homepage, using photography, interactions, and an eye-catching Mazda theme that reflected the classic nature of the product offering.

Driving Users to the Right Places

For main audiences – prospective purchasers or owner – key actions were exploring models and finding a local dealer to make a purchase and schedule a service appointment. We made it simple to find by building a highly visual navigation.

Flexibility with Drupal

The new site is built using Drupal on Digital Ocean Singapore. Not only does it reach targeted audiences faster, it is also secure and reliable. Each content type is built to give the Maxspeed's design team incredible flexibility to add and adjust components, images, and copy without breaking the site or detracting from its overall look and feel.


The industry response to new website exceeded even our high expectations. Not only does the new site give the brand a modern look and feel, it sets a platform for gaining an even bigger lead on the competition.

There’s more highway ahead for Maxspeed and MicroWeb – we’re working together on their other automotive's project, including parent company site, and other subsidiary companies along with digital marketing.

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