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Fast Loading Animation & Video

Even on Slowest Network.


Add life to your website


Movement has long been one of the most powerful ways to make a website stand out.


It doesn’t matter how great a site looks: if it loads too slowly, users will click away.


This gives your potential clients a chance to get to know you before even talking to you.

Fast Technology

Faster playback start means more people watching your video. We create & process videos that are fast.

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What We Can

  • Quick-loading of your website & 3D models
  • Create Animatable Web Objects, e.g. logo, product
  • No lag
  • Eye Catching
  • Delivering a value thru animation

Boost Engagement with Ultra-Fast Video & 3D Animation for Websites

Captivate your audience with instant-loading videos and animations on your website. MicroWeb eliminates frustrating wait times with a cutting-edge approach that utilizes the latest technologies. This ensures a seamless user experience, free of lag.

Videos and metaverse have become a cornerstone of modern web design, and their importance is only growing. As storytelling techniques evolve with ever-more impressive motion graphics, incorporating 2D and 3D elements into your website becomes crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Embrace the future of web design and elevate your brand with MicroWeb's ultra-fast video and animation solutions.

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MicroWeb operates primarily in Kuching, occasionally Kuala Lumpur and some cities in Malaysia. Web designers occasionally collaborate with teams from overseas.