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Mobile APP & Web App Systems Development

Precision, Accuracy, and Productivity

Our Systems


Systems Software for Humans


Specific developed for specific client. Customized support for the specific needs of the business.

Successful Deployment

One step at a time. Clients will get to try first layer of workable feature before moving on. It saves time and cost of both parties.

Drupal Framework

Robust and secure framework that enables the development of complex and customized web applications. click to see list of example of sites & applications using Drupal.


Achieving goals and making the most of your time. The right development will help you reach your deadlines and goals faster for less money.

Effective Communication

Every projects require communication, as clients know their business better.

Our Projects

What we have done over the years

  • Stock Management
  • Databasse
  • SOP - Standard Operating Procedures
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • Other Customized Systems

Tailor made to suit your requirements.

So clients get what they actually needed. Strong common understanding between the requester and the one actually doing the work is required before development of any sort. Otherwise the project might end up with bad or even completely wrong solution for the problem at hand.

Workflow in the cloud. Developing for business & corporate since 2012.

Project Management System For Our Customers

Clients can keep track of project's development status, conversation records and documents online.

Cost & Budget - Custom Software

Not the lowest but definitely not overpriced. Charges usually start at MYR 6,000 on average and it is flexible depend on customers' requirement.

For cost of website design, go to Cost of website design

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Our Works

Enhance Corporate identity on the internet

We are always open to interesting projects.

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Additional info

MicroWeb operates primarily in Kuching, occasionally Kuala Lumpur and some cities in Malaysia. Web designers occasionally collaborate with teams from overseas.